A vertical urban theory

With half the World's population living in increasingly dense urban habitats, Space is a commodity in need of preservation and replenishment. Space and society are intrinsically linked, as one cannot have a discourse about society and the way people interact without also discussing the space in which they can do this. The ability to consider a spatial sustainability as a counter point to social sustainability is key to the success of our high-density vertical urban habitats in the 21st century if we are to foster a greater sense of community and thus turn space into place.

Alternative social spaces, such as sky courts and sky gardens, help reduce perceived densities, provide natural light and ventilation, and facilitate opportunities for vertical urban greenery. Collectively, these parameters can create a new forum for social interaction and in so doing reinterpret those urban qualities of the street and the square by lifting them to loftier climbs for the betterment of society, the urban and natural environment. Our Studio is a pioneer in the design and research of skycourts and skygardens as alternative social spaces for the 21st century.