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Club Plaiya

Club Plaiya is a community driven master plan comprising of residential and commercial development embracing beachfront living at Playa Laiya, Philippines. ‘Plaiya’ is a playful combination of PLAYA and LAIYA. Club is fronted to emphasize the development’s activities that target the energetic and the adventurous; and those who enjoy water sport and beach activities. Club Plaiya’s concept is subtly reflected in its logo, highlighting the letter ‘P’ to recall the identity PLAYA. Club Plaiya’s sub-brands ‘Kava’, ‘Aiya’, ‘Copa’ sought inspiration, characteristics and colour palettes from 3 party particular beaches: Kavos in Greece, Aiya Napa in Cyprus and Copacabana in Brazil.

Client  Landco Development Corporation

Location  Philippines
Sector  Mixed-Use Residential & Commercial
Media  Print and online marketing collaterals
Skills  Graphics & Branding


Club Plaiya_All.jpg
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