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Newpark is an innovative park-oriented and eco-township located in the 100 -year old former colonial town of Kluang, Malaysia. As the largest masterplanned commercial project in Kluang, Newpark seeks to balance  21st century trade and education with green living. As the site was once plantation land, the brand identity and marque reflects the sprouting of ‘buds of opportunities’ within the nature-inspired motif. The embrace of Nature (especially given its enviable location near the natural landmark of the Gunung Lambak hills) is recurrent theme throughout the messaging; thus providing a platform for Newpark to be applied in other, nature-inspired, places in the future.

Client  Majupadu Development

Location  Kluang, Malaysia
Sector  Residential
Media  Print and online marketing collaterals
Skills  Graphics & Branding


Newpark Branding_All.jpg
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