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Palau Coral Club Resort

Palau Coral Club Resort is a 2 ha ocean facing former quarry and naval dock that is being sensitively repurposed to create a luxury resort comprising 200 hotel keys and luxury eco-villas. The design is inspired by the archipelago of the outlying island rock formations, the local Palau indigenous culture and the stratification of the quarry to create an integrated sustainable design solution that balances the man-made with the natural.

Client:  Palau Coral Club Company Ltd
Location:  Palau
Sector:  Masterplanning
Size:  10 hectares
Skills:  Masterplanning, Architecture, Sustainability, Landscape, Wayfinding & Signage
Status:  Ongoing
Consulted: 2021 - 2022

2101_Palau Coral Club Resort.jpg
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